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HIGH SCHOOL Connect for Lucas, The Art of Public Speaking, 11e

Stephen Lucas

With its groundbreaking adaptive learning system and enhanced speech capture functionality, Connect Lucas 2.0 contains a full suite of resources to help students gain practice, confidence, and success in their Public Speaking course and beyond. Connect Lucas guides students to internalize the concepts that they need to know to succeed and gives instructors the ability to efficiently evaluate in-class and online speech assignments, manage peer review activities, and track student progress. That means more time teaching, less time managing, and more time for student learning.

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Key Features

  • Learn_Smart_For_Students-580x348


    No two students are alike. McGraw-Hill LearnSmart™ is an intelligent learning system that uses a series of probing questions to pinpoint each student’s knowledge gaps. LearnSmart then provides an optimal learning path for each student, so that less time is spent in areas the student already knows and more time in areas needed. The result: students retain more knowledge, learn faster, and study more efficiently.

  • Comm_Enhanced_Speech_Capture_Image

    Enhanced Speech Capture

    Designed for use in face-to-face, real-time classrooms, as well as online courses, enhanced speech capture allows you to easily evaluate your students’ speeches using fully customizable rubrics. You can also create and manage true peer review assignments and upload videos on behalf of students for optimal flexibility.

  • Comm_Speech_Preparation_Tools

    Speech Preparation Tools

    This suite of tools aids students with all facets of speech preparation, from selecting a topic and outlining their speeches, to creating audience analysis questionnaires and properly citing sources. Connect also includes a customizable outline tool that lets you define an outline format for your students that is consistent with your course.

More Features

  • Sample Speech Videos

    Connect Public Speaking contains a searchable media library with numerous full sample student speeches for discussion and analysis, and shorter video clips that highlight individual elements of a speech. All full-length student speech videos are accompanied by pre-built assessment content that can be easily assigned.

  • Integrated eBook

    Connect Plus includes a media rich eBook that allows you to share your notes with your students. Your students can insert and review their own notes, highlight the text, search for specific information, and interact with media resources. The dynamic links between Connect assignments and the eBook enhance student learning, and a powerful search function quickly pinpoints the information students need.  Using an eBook with Connect Plus gives your students a complete digital solution that allows them to access their materials from any computer.

  • Chapter Assessment Material

    Connect Public Speaking offers a wide range of assignable and assessable online activities, including pre-tests and chapter quizzes, matching activities that test student comprehension of key terms, outlining activities, TED Talks activities, and more.

Case Study

Connect Lucas is a tool that enables faculty to effectively teach the concepts of public speaking, coach students through the learning process, manage classroom activities and assignments, and measure the outcomes of student success. The students who use Connect like the online format and talk very positively about their vocabulary reviews and study for quizzes and tests. They are more willing to engage in class discussions because they have a better foundation of understanding the concepts and are able to answer the review questions I pose in class. This stimulates better class discussions and more in-depth understanding of the speech requirements.

— Professor Julie Williams, San Jacinto College

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