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Connect for Noreen, Managerial Accounting for Managers, 3e

Eric Noreen; Peter Brewer; Ray Garrison

Whether accessing online homework, quizzes, and tests or utilizing an interactive eBook; Connect Accounting provides a complete digital solution. Connect’s seamless partnership with the text’s content allows instructors and students to go beyond the print world, and into the digital realm with complete confidence.

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Key Features

  • Learn_Smart_For_Students-580x348


    No two students are alike. McGraw-Hill LearnSmart™ is an intelligent learning system that uses a series of probing questions to pinpoint each student’s knowledge gaps. LearnSmart then provides an optimal learning path for each student, so that less time is spent in areas the student already knows and more time in areas needed. The result: students retain more knowledge, learn faster, and study more efficiently.

  • IRT

    Intelligent Response Technology for Accounting

    Intelligent Response Technology is Connect Accounting’s new student interface for end-of-chapter assessment content. Intelligent Response Technology provides a general journal application that looks and feels more like what you would find in a general ledger software package, improves answer acceptance to reduce student frustration with formatting issues (such as rounding) and, for select questions, provides an expanded table that guides students through the process of solving the problem.

  • Interactive Presentations

    Interactive Presentations

    Interactive Presentations teach each chapter’s core learning objectives and concepts through an engaging, hands-on presentation, bringing the text content to life. Interactive Presentations harness the full power of technology to truly engage and appeal to all learning styles. Interactive Presentations are ideal in all class formats—online, face to-face or hybrid.

More Features

  • Guided Examples

    Guided Examples provide narrated and animated, step-by-step walkthroughs of algorithmic versions of assigned exercises.   This allows students to identify, review or reinforce the concepts and activities covered in class. Guided Examples provide immediate feedback and focus on the areas where students need the most guidance.

  • Applying Excel

    Applying Excel problems provide students with an opportunity to build their own Excel worksheets and formulas by recreating examples provided in the text, so that they are developing Excel skills in the context of managerial accounting. Students are then asked a series of “what if” questions in which they analyze how and why the related pieces of accounting data affect each other. This feature is integrated into Connect Accounting with algorithmic variables; the Excel spreadsheet can be uploaded by the student and graded by the instructor manually, while the questions that test the validity of their worksheets and the what-if questions are graded automatically.

  • Lecture Capture with Tegrity

    Make your classes available anytime, anywhere. With simple, one-click recording, students can search for a word or phrase and be taken to the exact place in your lecture that they need to review.

  • Integrated eBook

    Connect Plus includes a media rich eBook that allows you to share your notes with your students. Your students can insert and review their own notes, highlight the text, search for specific information, and interact with media resources. The dynamic links between Connect assignments and the eBook enhance student learning, and a powerful search function quickly pinpoints the information students need.  Using an eBook with Connect Plus gives your students a complete digital solution that allows them to access their materials from any computer.

  • Algorithmic Questions

    Algorithmic capability within Connect Accounting provides instructors with the ability to assign unique data for each exercise and each attempt, providing an infinite number of assignments with solutions. Consequently, students can work the same problem structure with different number sets until they master the task. The immediate scoring and feedback options in Connect Accounting help guide and optimize student learning.

Case Study

Connect Accounting causes students to fully engage with the course material. It also changes the nature of my review. Instead of spending time with the mechanics of grading, I can review scores and analyze individual assignment items and individual student scores to best decide what follow-up is appropriate.

— Professor Meg Pollard, American River College

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