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Connect for Bateman, Management, 10e

Thomas Bateman; Scott Snell

Driving concept mastery and stimulating critical thinking, Connect Management is an engaging web-based assignment and assessment platform for your Principles of Management course. Book specific assignments provide a seamless partnership with the content, and the integrated eBook allows you to go beyond the print in to the digital realm with confidence.

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Key Features

  • Learn_Smart_For_Students-580x348


    No two students are alike. McGraw-Hill LearnSmart™ is an intelligent learning system that uses a series of probing questions to pinpoint each student’s knowledge gaps. LearnSmart then provides an optimal learning path for each student, so that less time is spent in areas the student already knows and more time in areas needed. The result: students retain more knowledge, learn faster, and study more efficiently.

  • BandE_Interactive_Application

    Interactive Applications

    Interactive Applications stimulate critical thinking and reinforce key concepts, and students receive immediate feedback and can track their progress in their own report. Students will be asked to “click and drag” specific choices to make decisions, categorize, or put in a time sequence, and then are asked multiple-choice questions to confirm understanding of the key concepts of the activity.

  • Tegrity

    Lecture Capture with Tegrity

    Make your classes available anytime, anywhere. With simple, one-click recording, students can search for a word or phrase and be taken to the exact place in your lecture that they need to review.

More Features

  • Integrated Instructor Resources

    All of our instructor resources are conveniently housed within Connect — right where you need them — including our PowerPoint files, Instructor Manuals, Test banks, and more.

  • Simple LMS Integration

    By offering two market-leading Learning Management System integration solutions, accessing Connect is now easier than ever. McGraw-Hill first teamed up with Blackboard Inc. to deliver the first to market integrated course solution which offers the deepest integration of publisher content within a LMS for Blackboard versions 8.0, 9.0,and 9.1. The MHCampus digital integration redefines the digital teaching and learning experience by providing one-click access and automatic registration to Connect for any LMS in use.

  • Course and Assignment Sharing Tools

    This feature allows you to coordinate assignments across sections or even courses.  You can then choose if another instructor can modify them or if you will update the assignments over time and automatically share the revised versions.  After the assignments are complete, you can generate reports for them across all the classes that participated.

  • Effortless Grading

    Connect’s assignments are auto-graded, saving you time and allowing your students to instantly see how they performed. Connect’s Reports then allow you to easily review student and section performance. And for those of you who use Blackboard, the grades from Connect will seamlessly appear in your Blackboard grade book.

  • Intuitive Design

    Making sure that Connect is easy to use is one of our top priorities. So with the help of user-centered design methodology, we’ve partnered with instructors and students to truly understand how they teach and learn. Based on thousands of conversations, real-world ethnographic research on college campuses nationwide, and continuous user feedback, we’re able to create a clean, modern, and intuitive interface that reflects today’s teaching needs and challenges.

  • Integrated eBook

    Connect Plus includes a media rich eBook that allows you to share your notes with your students. Your students can insert and review their own notes, highlight the text, search for specific information, and interact with media resources. The dynamic links between Connect assignments and the eBook enhance student learning, and a powerful search function quickly pinpoints the information students need.  Using an eBook with Connect Plus gives your students a complete digital solution that allows them to access their materials from any computer.

Effectiveness Study

Connect Makes a Difference

Analysis of data aggregated from 18 Connect case studies featuring diverse colleges and universities in the United States showed consistent improvement in four areas:

Reduced administrative time for instructors
Increased effectiveness of lectures and more engaged students
Greater student confidence and retention rate
Higher test scores and overall grades

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